Crystal Eggs

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What does a Crystal Egg represent?

Eggs represent new beginnings. We all know that eggs bring life through birth. Just look at the divine, innocent and adorable baby chick that hatches from its cozy shell to join us on Earth. If you are looking for a fresh new start, crystal eggs are perfect for you. 

Because life in itself is a miracle, we associate eggs with bringing about magic. If you are looking to infuse miracles and magic into your life, crystal eggs are perfect for you.

Eggs are also a symbol for Spring. Eggs represent fertility, virility and flourishing life force. In Christianity, they symbolize resurrection and eternal life. If you are looking for youthfulness, sexuality, and life force chi, crystal eggs are perfect for you.

Here are some things you can use your crystal eggs for metaphysically: 

1. Breaking Old Habits

The crystal egg stands for rebirth and therefore is the best tool for breaking old habits so you can form new healthier ones. Set your will and intention on shedding old negative patterns, and then surround yourself with crystal eggs. The egg allows you to focus on new, healthy thoughts and lifestyle choices. Breaking old habits may take time, but is essential to your soul's growth.

2. Writing Manifestation Lists 

It is a wise practice to write a manifestation list every few months. This clarifies your life goals so that you can go full force in achieving your dreams.

Manifesting new things is what crystal eggs love to do, as they are all about new beginnings. Hold the egg while you read the list aloud. Saying affirmations every day with an egg in your hand speeds the process of manifestation along.

2. Praying for Miracles

Eggs bring the miracle of life. They can bring you other miracles as well. When in prayer, hold a crystal egg in your hand. The vibration of the stone will intensify your prayers and send the message out into the Universe (or straight to God's ears, depending on your beliefs). 

4. Feng Shui Placement

For Feng Shui purposes, the crystal egg is ideal in the bedroom. Since eggs bring fertility, they are perfect for those wishing to conceive. Continue to keep the egg in your bedroom through pregnancy and birth to completely benefit from its positive effects.

Alternatively, eggs are good for the office or place of business when you are starting a new venture. They will put you on the path of courageousness and success.