Crystal Activated Water Bottle

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Holds approx 450ml of water. Include bonus neoprene water bottle cover. We use Borosilicate glass which is lead free, BPA free and more resistant to thermal shock. 

Rose Quartz

To Promote Love. Known as the crystal of unconditional love, Rose Quartz opens up your heart to accept and give love. Perfect for those searching to bond deeper, new mums and those wanting to be able to express  their love more freely.


The Protector. Known as a protective stone, Obsidian shields you from others negativity. It’s also been known to bring clarity, strength and support during times of adversity and change.

Smokey Quartz

For Balance. With the help of this crystal, you will be able to balance both the negative and positive energies in your life. Also known to give you the boost to stay motivated and on track to achieve the goals you have set out.


For Intuition & Creativity. A soothing crystal, Amethyst can promote calmness, intuition and creativity. It’s been know to enhance passions and transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones to create a better life balance.  Known as the "writers stone" this crystal has been said to remove writers block, or any blockage to those working in the creative spaces. Perfect for designers, bloggers and artists. Amethyst has also been known to keep those who travel, safe from harm making it a great gift for someone venturing out to see the world. Amethyst has also been known to treat insomnia and those with habits they wish to break. The crystal wand sits in the base of the bottle and is removable for easy care and maintanence. We recommend putting your crystal out in the light of a new moon and full moon for it to be re charged and cleansed.